Here the users can navigate between different features of the app, including the shop, breathing excersises and the laboratory.

The CF Club also wants to make the information gathered about the patients’ health available to doctors, so they could react better to changes in the patients’ condition and provide more efficient care. Here You can see the results of our cooperation. As of April 2 2019 the app is available on Google Play to download for Android.

Last year we were approached by the czech CF Club to participate on the development of their app for young patients with cystic fibrosis – a hereditary disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. The app’s purpose is to help the patients manage daily activites necessary for sustaining their health, and to motivate them to care for themselves.

The user can create their own avatar, which can be modified further with points earned via the breathing excersises at the shop.

This feature of the app helps users with their daily antibiotic inhalations. It records their activity and rewards them with points for each completed session, and new experiments in the laboratory for long-term successes.

Another feature of the app is the Laboratory, in which their characters are put into real life situations, that confront them with dangers the users may face in the world, and require them to choose between different courses of action, to see what the right thing to do in such situations would, and also the consequences of making the wrong choice.