Donor Terminal

We wanted to make it easier to donate at Doctors Without Borders events when motivation and generosity are high. Our Donor Terminal concept allows people to contribute any amount of money via a bank card at the event. The terminal guides the donor through the few simple steps and is designed to increase the amount of giving, with no cash is necessary.

Roadshow of Doctors
Without Borders

An interactive exhibition of Doctors Without Borders is traveling through Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. We designed the key visual for this campaign to attract people to the show to experience DWB’s mission. The design represents the tin sheetmetal of the show’s traveling container as well as physical borders and fences doctors have to overcome. On the tin background are colourful handprints and the slogan "Come, lay your hands." The laying-on-of-hands is a symbol of community, hope, healing and good faith. The hands also represent doctors reaching across the restrictive borders.


We wanted to transform the Doctors Without Borders merchandise into something that actually has some true value and is useful.  (To be honest, we felt most of the merch served mainly to spread name recognition and were easily forgotten or thrown away.) We wanted it not only to look good, but to have some actual use, be fun or thought-provoking, and something to be proud of. So we proposed new merchandise designs. This took a bit longer, but in the end we agreed on some super merchandise designs that will gradually be added to the e-shop.