Racio is a large Czech producer. Their Silhouette brand of puffed corn cakes has traditionally been diet-oriented for health and weight conscious people.


To redesign the Silhouette product line. They wanted to modernise the packaging for a new generation of women who are health conscious, dieting, and watching their weight.


Society persists in seeing women’s value as based on their appearance, rather than their intrinsic value as human beings. Therefore the problem, as we saw

it, was how to take a product that traditionally targets women who feel a societal pressure to be skinny, and change the focus from outward appearance to inner worth. So, how to fill an existing need to feel good and be healthy, rather than reinforce an externally created need to be skinny?


Our strategy was to turn the concept inside out: to empower women to care for whatever silhouette they have because they have inner beauty and value, not because society values a slim silhouette. You don’t eat this produce to get skinny, you eat this product because you care for and love yourself as you are. So we replaced the slim body figure of the old design with the name “Silhouette” presented as a silhouette to reinforce the idea that no matter what your actual shape—skinny, chubby, straight, curvy—you have value, you are complete, because you are a person, not a picture, and the purpose of this food is to keep who you are healthy and feeling good.

In general this product or plastic packaging would not be considered sustainable. However in the design there are two small elements of the sustainability: it seeks to empower and care for people, and it seeks to fill an existing need rather than create, or reinforce, and external need. It is a small step in the right direction.