The brief was to design for a new range of superfood nutrients that represent a modern approach to nutrition based on scientific knowhow and expertise. There were four different ranges, each with a different positive effect on health that had to be differentiated.


We had to find a balance between the food-based nutrition element without loosing the sense of scientific medical expertise. The packaging needed to communicate the natural food origins of the nutrition in pill form, without looking too much like pharmaceutical packaging. We also wanted a design to help cut through cognitive overload by visually communicating the effect of the nutritional supplements.


Our design solution was a very clean sparse design to communicate purity and simplicity. For one we developed a number of “wavy” line designs to represent, and visually differentiate, the positive health effects of each SKU, like energy boost, mental focus, and weight control. To differentiate the four products we used different color schemes. One had true pictures of the foods from which the nutrients had been extracted, another used a black and red color scheme to represent the burning of fat. They were all tied together by the same typography.