In our quest to lead our clients in a more sustainable direction, we took on VINEA, and focused on helping them find their HIGHER PURPOSE and start GIVING BACK to the communities and traditions that produce the grapes for their wonderful soft drink.


As it was not currently economically feasible to focus solely on the environment and stop using PET bottles, or shifting to recycled PET materials, in the required timeframe, we looked at the social side of what the product could do, and asked ourselves, "What connects people to the product?"


As it turned out many of the vineyards in the Svätého Jura region of Slovakia, and the Lednici area in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic, that provide the grapes for the drink date back to the 11th century and much of social and that economic life revolved around them for centuries.  But in recent years as more and more have people left the villages for the cities, many vineyards have fallen into disrepair, and many people in these rural areas are also suffering economic and employment challenges, as well as social isolation.


So we focused on the idea of refurbishing vineyards in these regions, making them healthy, productive and a place of social cohesion again. We laid out
a program where volunteers organized by Vinea could be brought together to form new social connections, and reinvigorating pride in the regions' traditions.