Create a unified corporate identity for Zemanka that relates the family-owned brand’s core values of care, quality, healthy bio ingredients, sustainability and higher purpose.

Problem to be solved

 The company did not have a clear statement of their values, and their brand and corporate identity was outdated and not fully in line with their values-based, purpose driven ideals.

Our solution

First we helped them clarify their values and write a passionate manifesto, then incorporated the texts into the label design. We recontextualized normally negative words like “unreasonable” and “spoiled” to create contrast, for example: “We are unreasonable, because if we weren’t we wouldn’t work so hard bring good taste to bio foods”, and “Because we are spoiled, we will not settle for less than the best taste.”

For visual authenticity of the family-owned brand we looked to the past and created a brand stamp reminiscent of a hand-crafted wood carving to represent the family owned business to be placed on all business cards, stationary and invoices. We adapted another paper-saving strategy from the past and designed the stationary and invoices to be folded into envelops to save paper. The manifesto and ingredients were also included on these.


All labels, cards, stationary and invoices are printed on recycled paper, which can also be folded into envelops to save paper. Furthermore, the brand itself truly puts people and health at the core of their concern.


As fellow members of Slušna Firma, there is a trust between us that stems not only from having worked together, but from a shared purpose. We have placed our design studio logo on the packaging to share responsibility and risk, and to make a statement of our approval of their way of doing business and our shared values.