A line extension from the current design of Zemanka’s healthy snack range to create a family of products with a coherent brand identity. It had to relate the values, care, quality and healthy elements of the bio ingredients.

Problem to be solved

To present a range of diverse products—from snack bars, coffee, and various condiments – that all relate Zemanka’s quality and value-based brand ideals across all categories.

Our solution

We kept the fun, undigital design elements from the original line – the soft handmade fonts and colourful brush strokes – adapted them to the new shapes and spaces, and placed them on the rough recycled paper background.


Zemanka’s products are certified bio and personal care goes into making the snacks and healthy as possible. Furthermore, labels are printed on recycle paper.

Client relationship

As fellow members of Slušná Firma, there is a trust between us that stems not only from having worked together, but from a shared purpose.  We have placed our design studio logo on the packaging to share responsibility and risk, and to make a statement of our approval of their way of doing business and our shared values.