Zemanka knew they needed to change something about their health-conscious and organic products, but did not know what or how to go about it.

Problem to be solved

Determine what the brand needed, who the products were meant to serve, what was special about their products, and how to clarify their purpose and values. How to present these visually in a way that unified their portfolio.

Our solution

A concept of service. We worked with them to refine their brand manifesto, and included that in the design. As their main values were quality, healthy, bio snacks we began with the concept of a rubber stamp of approval. We used a cardboard background for a more natural feel. And to help make healthy snacks more appealing we went for fun designs with dashes and shapes of hand-painted color and some well known Czech children’s characters.


To further Zemanka’s commitment to reducing packaging waste the labels are printed on recycled paper, and though legislation required a moisture resistant wrapping and it was not economically feasible to move away from plastic at this time, we went with clear plastic that shows the actual product which ads a level of authenticity and transparency.

Client relationship

To indicate our partnership and shared purpose and responsibility, Zemanka agreed to place our B&H logo and web URL on the label.